Down London Road, by Samantha Young

Taking a trip to the library has become a once a month affair. Last Saturday, I checked out 3 books to last the month and decided on reading Down London Road by Samantha Young.

Opening the cover, I noticed that the book belonged to the Erotic Novel section – I had found the book on a display shelf of new stock and so this came as a surprise (honest!). Having devoured the 50 Shades Trilogy, I was prepared for anything, but have to admit that I enjoyed Samantha Young’s book much, much more!

Jo, the protagonist is a fabulously complex character who is unravelled for the reader by the intriguing, Cam. Our initial impression of her as somewhat of a gold digginggirlfriend is quickly, (perhaps too quickly) explained and her inner insecurities exposed to us as they are to Cameron, with whom she becomes involved on a variety of levels.

The erotic scenes only heighten the intensity of the novel; it holds physical, emotional, psychological and sexual intensity lasting until the turning of the final page, keeping the reader in desperate need to continue to read.

Through one character, Samantha Young manages to capture the experiences and feelings of a variety of ‘tormented women’, emphasising the insecurities of them and offering explanations behind their somewhat erratic and irrational behaviours and decisions. Within Jo, Young encapsulates women who are victims of abuse, be it physical or emotional as well as those who are victims of their own insecurities…she reaches out to a variety of readers who are able to relate to Jo’s feelings, attitudes and mannerisms quickly; I feel that this contributes hugely to the success of the novel.

I was distraught to learn that I have read the sequel first, but admit to being in quick pursuit of more of Samantha’s titles to devour in the coming weeks!

I also admit that it took only 2 days of my predicted week to read the novel, snatching glances at every opportunity!

yes…kid’s nap times, bathtime and bedtime included!!!


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