Rumour Has it By Jill Mansell


Rumour Has It, restoring our faith in the ability to turn problematic men around, was an amazing read packed with well- written and expertly developed characters!

Tilly, the Central character as opposed to the main one, (as I became so involved with a group of characters rather than 1) experiences issues in the opening pages that any woman can relate to; trapped in a relationship she feels is running through the motions rather than sweeping her along in the direction of a happy ever after. These problems are very, very quickly forgotten by the reader as she becomes part of the community in Roxborough.

With her best friend hiding a huge secret which will eventually rock the town, a mystery new job and a love interest from the town’s main man (who has, as you can imagine, a troubling reputation with almost every woman in town!) Tilly sets about settling into a close-knit town with a warm heart and, at times, a viscous tongue.

The characters of Tilly, Jack, Max, Erin, Max and also his ex wife, Kaye all come with their own fascinating narratives, inviting the reader to experience the lives of characters that Tilly finds herself closest to; this only leads the reader to empathise with Tilly’s character more as the novel progresses. Her happy ending therefore, is not the only one we long for as we read on…

Like all of Jill’s novels, characters and their stories play a huge role in engaging her readers and Rumour Has It is no exception to the consistent quality Jill Mansell provides.

Simply wonderful!


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