The Big Project: Surviving Childhood Leukaemia

At the age of 7, I stopped playing with friends. It was no longer my wish to run outside, play on my bike or even walk to the shops to buy sweets. My rosy, pink cheeks turned to chalk dust, scattered over my skin and drawing in my eyes; my legs ached, my chest throbbed and my skin began to bruise at the faintest of touches…

Leukaemia does that to a girl, apparently.

I was diagnosed after blood tests, a bone marrow test and a lumbar puncture and together, as a family, we began the biggest journey any of us had experiences before…now comes the time for me to tell that story.

I’ve been writing notes of memories for years; I suppose it’s been therapeutic when my mind becomes distracted by the seriousness of it all, paired with the possibility of its eventual return. But now, it’s time to tell the whole story, from diagnosis, treatment plans and chemotherapy to emotional breakdowns, school bullies and the lasting emotional and psychological impact of the illness 20 years after being given the all clear.

It will be 20 years on April 19th since I started my recovery. The aim is to give back to those who helped to treat my illness and I’ve began to raise funds for research; a huge part of the donation will hopefully come from the book that tells my story.

So watch this space! Currently in the planning stages, I’m now working as hard as I can to raise awareness, break down those barriers and help as many people as I can…

I’ve taken great inspiration from Alesia Shute who I came across while researching other survivors who have written about their experiences, please take a look at her website at the inspirational work she does…it’s incredible. You can find her page here


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