The First Chapter!

I wanted to post this last night, but was so incredibly tired that I slumped off to bed! Yesterday, I wrote and edited the first chapter of my book…it is still to be given it’s title.

After four redrafts/edits, I’m fairly happy with the end result and I’m glad that I decided on offering two characters’ perspectives on the events that unfold – it was the right move!

It’s made me realise that this dream is finally happening; it’s becoming My Story and will hopefully make a huge difference to people’s understanding of Children with Cancer. Not only do I plan to make a large donation to Leukaemia research at the NECCR, but I’m hoping to take inspiration from Alesia Shute over in the States, visiting parents, hospitals, schools and the patients themselves – why only do a job half-heartedly?

So it’s in the process, 1730 words in and counting!!! I’m excited to begin contacting agents soon and would also welcome anyone who would like to read my writing and offer their thoughts/critique.


2 thoughts on “The First Chapter!

    • Thank you so much!!! Extracts are coming soon and I’d love to send you the first chapter if you’d like a peek? Thanks so much for following too! Xx

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